You, we all, receive lots (LOTS, way too much) of emails from friends who were inspired to forward  it to maybe everybody in their address book.

snopes.com is THE place to verify the veracity of the content in some of these 'forwards'. Please use it before actually forwarding anything; and then consider also the following.

Here are some standard rules of thumb for internet email based chain letters and "forward me" letters.
  1. Everybody else has already seen it; you just happened to be the last one to get it.
  2. if the body content no date, throw it away;
  3. if the body content has no reference to an authoratitive website by which you can verify the claims, throw it away;

There are some "feel-good" or other valid informational messages which you DO want to forward, and which you're certain the recipients will be glad to have received.
When sending these, just as notices of meetings to your group members, please consider the use of BCC addressing, explained here.